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How does the Smart Splitter work?

Some of the most common questions from NeoCharge customers.

7 articles
Troubleshooting - Smart Splitter

Need help troubleshooting your Smart Splitter? These guides will help walk you through some of the most common scenarios Smart Splitter users come across.

5 articles
How it Works

Find out how the Smart Splitter works and with what setups.

3 articles
App - NeoCharge Connect

All about the NeoCharge Connect app.

1 article
EV Charging Information

Learn relevant information about EV charging.

2 articles
Costs and Savings

How much does it cost to own an EV? Find out how the Smart Splitter can save you thousands.

2 articles
Warranty and Returns

Return policy for Smart Splitters and Adapters

2 articles
NEMA Adapters

1 article

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